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Hi, we're tiny.

We start, buy, and invest in shitty nternet businesses.

our family of companies:

companies we've invested in:

AdHawkFatsoFlytographerArgentDesigner FundWeconnectOtterPetnetSwitchboardXperielSketchdeckVessylDyspatchConversioUpserveUppercaseSuper PlasticWovenGoFetch HealthHazelCheckfrontPeerNotarizeCareGuideTinyMob GamesGiftbit1QBitMedeo Virtual CareEligibleMedia CoreGirlbossPitchThrive DigitalNeedwantStandard CognitionSuperhumanWaking Up with Sam HarrisBufferBoatsetterSpaceX

Interested in selling us a business?

We aren't your typical buyer. We won't try to flip your business in 3-5 years. We won't mess with your team and culture. We won't lock you into golden handcuffs or push complex deal terms. We won't ruin your life with months of unnecessary due diligence. We won't renegotiate and grind you on terms.

We keep things dead simple. We'll make an offer within 7 days and close in 30. We started Tiny to create the buyer we wish we could have sold to. Here's a post we wrote about it.

The companies we buy usually fall into three buckets:

We typically look for businesses that have been in business for at least 3-5 years, have significant profits (minimum $500k, ideally $1MM+, as high as $15MM), and have a high quality team in place. We are open to owners sticking around, leaving cold turkey, or transitioning out over time. We'll work with you to transition.

We like simple internet businesses that have high margins, don't require tons of people or complex technology, and have a competitive advantage that protects them from competitors. For example: A dominant brand, a large and loyal community, a niche vertical, or something similar.

If you're concerned your business doesn't fit the bill, feel free to send it to us anyway. We'll take a look and let you know within a couple days if it's a fit.

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Why sell to Tiny


Huge valuation

3-6 month process

Founders committing to 5+ years

Terms that could make your equity worth nothing

Big pressure to grow to provide 10-100x return

No cash to founders, just money to grow

Private Equity

Full or partial cash out

3-6 month process

Founders locked in with earnout structure

Terms that could make your equity worth nothing

Intervene in operations and change your culture

Typically flip your company in 3-5 years


Full or partial cash out

30 day process

Founders can stay or go, we're flexible

Simple structure, cash upfront

Company to operate as is, no change to culture

Holds companies for the longterm

Who we are


Andrew Wilkinson
Managing Partner

In 2006, Andrew founded MetaLab, one of the world's top design agencies. After rapid growth, he used the profits to diversify into a variety of businesses, which today form Tiny. He has gone from working out of his apartment a little over a decade ago, to today overseeing a group of companies with over 300 employees and tens of millions in revenue.


Chris Sparling
Managing Partner

Chris has been investing since he bought his first stock at age fourteen. Since then, he's served as CFO of MetaLab and other successful technology companies and served on the boards of many private companies. In 2015, he left MetaLab and partnered with Andrew to form Tiny.